Leigh Odom / Artist

                         Founder of Art Period LLC

"We Bring YOUR Idea's to Life"


A small "Bit' bout Leigh Odom

Leigh Odom , Master Artist of over 2 decades consults , prepares and performs and teaches Custom Tattooing. He specializes in Large Scale Custom tattoos , Cover Ups and Repairs . He helps others visualize their ideas and bring them to life.
Though performing Tattoos , he is an Artist in true form.

He is a Painter first and has been creating images his entire life. He began tattooing at the age of 16 in 1993

 His tattooing is one of many extensions of his Painting.

  Working in virtually all media he can help bring visual cohesion to any Idea you may have. He offers "True Artwork's" not  usually offered in "the tattoo world." Whether it is a custom tattoo or commissioned mural , EVERYTHING is done by hand.

 In Jan of 2015 he started a new company Art Period LLC , named after his son Art Leigh Odom

  He continues to evolve expressing his and others emotions and ideas ,  stretching the bondaries of what can be done on all forms of 'canvas."

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